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a glass of wine

Read The Room Presents... A Potpourri of Friends With Books

January 9, 2024 SOLD OUT

About this Event

Welcome to READ THE ROOM, series of readings by some of New York's leading writers. Our guest readers represent a broad cross-section of the literary world, featuring authors of published works from top magazines, newspapers, websites and books. 

For this installment, we celebrate a potpourri of new and upcoming books. We are thrilled to invite you to an evening of readings by these renowned writers:

Louis Bury, reading from The Way Things Go 

“In the genre-defying openness of The Way Things Go [Bury] convincingly shows us that ludic literary experiments and responding to hard truths, political and personal, needn’t be—shouldn’t be—mutually exclusive.” — The Brooklyn Rail

Kathleen Collins, reading from Study in Hysteria 

“A heartbreakingly beautiful debut.” — Sandra A. Miller, author of Wednesdays at One

Diane Mehta, reading from Tiny Extravaganzas

"These are lavish, lush poems about the power of art. Diane Mehta's attention to the music that lives in words and the metaphorical possibilities that inhabit images is astonishing.” — Kevin Prufer, author of Fear

E. L. Shen, reading from Maybe It's a Sign 

"A hopeful and uplifting tale of loss, self-discovery, and the restorative powers of baking.” — Kirkus Reviews

Tyler Wetherall, author of No Way Home, reading from her upcoming novel

“Wetherall has written a luminous memoir that no one who reads it will soon forget … It’s an arresting, absorbing read … Witty and eloquent.”—The Washington Post

Your hosts: Kathleen Squires, The Wall Street Journal and Ronnie Rodriguez, Chef’s Dinner Table

Not only are we serving up a buffet of contemporary literature, but as food-lovers, we are also sharing food, wine, beer, soft drinks and signed books for sale.

So, come on down to Little Italy and get your culture on!