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To us, extreme cleanliness has always been a priority, so frankly, we have always been prepared to face this kind of situation, as unforeseen as it may be. As a matter of course, our venue is scrubbed down with bleach after each event to ensure no potential residual contamination. Therefore, your event, or any event we undertake, will take place in a sanitized environment with virtually no risk of infection. Provided your guests are healthy, you will have reduced exposure to the virus to the absolute minimum.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the public at large does not "wander through" our space as they might in a restaurant or other public place, we are even more secure from contagion. In fact, booking a private venue rather than a hotel or restaurant is the most prudent and responsible decision for event planners in this environment.

Beyond the above, Chef's Dinner Table staff is not permitted on-premise unless they are 100% healthy. Even if it's a mild sniffle or allergy, they are sent home. And, as always, we have latex gloves available for our staff when such precautions are deemed necessary. Also as a matter of course, we keep plenty of hand sanitizer and disinfectants on hand to ensure maximum sanitary conditions during service.

Finally, Chef's Dinner Table clients also have the advantage of eliminating the risk of an unforeseen office-building shut-down as we are an independent entity entirely in control of our entrance and security policies. We are in a position to guarantee that our doors will always be open for your guests.

We firmly believe that business must continue despite the current environment and celebrations cannot be postponed indefinitely. In short, Life goes on....and where better to "Keep Calm and Carry On" than at

Chef's Dinner Table!